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Madie Horne

Madie Horne

Rock Hill, SC


Madie was born in Argentina. She has lived in Rome, Italy. In United States she lived in Rhode Island, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and currently in South Carolina. But she has also lived several years in Venezuela and Uruguay.
Since Madie was a little girl she wanted to play with color pencils… She drew little girl faces, doggies and clowns… later on she did some still life and landscapes but it wasn’t until she was an adult, a hard working single mother when she decided to do something about her passion for colors.
Madie joined art workshops, took some drawing classes and got involved in every painting activity she could in the different countries where she lived. She even had the opportunity to participate in several exhibitions and won a price for an oil painting that was her true creation. called “Gracias a la Vida” that translates “Thanks to Life”. In that painting she told her story….
She always did oils, sometimes pastels but had in mind to, someday, try watercolors…. And she did… not only she tried but she embraced it and it has become her passion.
Most of these paintings are sceneries from Uruguay, South America, where she lived for a period of eight years before moving to Rock Hill.
Currently she lives in Rock Hill,SC, is President of the Catawba River Art Guild and joined the Tega Cay Art League.
Participated in an all media Art Show that took place in April, 2013, at Fewell Park Recreation Center, in Rock Hill.
She was exhibiting some of her art pieces at Erin’s Restaurant, down town Rock Hill and participated in the Art Exhibition that took place at the Perimeter Gallery of the Center for the Arts, also down town Rock Hill.
In October 2013 she, as a member of the Tega Cay Art League, exhibited along with her fellow artists, some of her work, in the Fall Festival that took place in that location
On March 24, 2014 she participated in the Fewell Park Art Exhibition presented by the Catawba River Art Guild and Fewell Park Recreation Center.
She is currently exhibiting some of her paintings at the Casual Waters Restaurant at Tega Cay.
During the whole month of May she will be exhibiting her art work together with artists members of the Tega Cay Art League at the City Hall Rotunda Gallery of Rock Hill.
From June 3 through June 27, 2014, Madie will have a Solo Exhibition also at the City Hall Rotunda Gallery, in Rock Hill.


SERENITY by Madie Horne




WAITING by Madie Horne


TIME HAS PASSED by Madie Horne




COLCHONERO by Madie Horne




What is Left by Madie Horne


The Enchanted Castle by Madie Horne


Sunset at Lake Norman by Madie Horne


Montreat, NC by Madie Horne


James Town Wind Mill, RI by Madie Horne


Garden of the Gods by Madie Horne


Anzio Harbor by Madie Horne


Bonnet Shores - RI 2014 by Madie Horne


Bonnet Shore Scene by Madie Horne


A Farm at Lincoln, RI by Madie Horne


Dunes at Solymar II by Madie Horne


Dunes at Solymar I by Madie Horne


Light House III by Madie Horne


Light House II by Madie Horne


Majestic by Madie Horne


It Says it All by Madie Horne


At the Shade by Madie Horne


The Corner House by Madie Horne


Three Boats by Madie Horne


El Paco by Madie Horne


Fall Burst of Colors by Madie Horne


At Wolf Island by Madie Horne


A Street in Charleston by Madie Horne


The Pink House in Colonia by Madie Horne


En Calle Belen by Madie Horne


Flores Lilas y Celestes II by Madie Horne


Cabo Polonio by Madie Horne


Gazebo at Lake Wylie by Madie Horne


Alone by Madie Horne


El Tala by Madie Horne


Dunes IV by Madie Horne


Dunes III by Madie Horne


Dunes II by Madie Horne


Dunes I by Madie Horne


En Calle 19 de Abril by Madie Horne


Bougainvillea I by Madie Horne


Bote Azul by Madie Horne


The Spirit of the Forest II by Madie Horne


The Spirit of the Forest I by Madie Horne


Flores Lilas y Celestes by Madie Horne


By the Road in New Mexico by Madie Horne